Don’t let the jury smell your client’s breath

‘What’s a case worth if you are a smoker? Potentially nothing. What’s your case if you are exposed to asbestos and silica? Potentially a million dollars, if you can get a jury to buy it.’

� Brent Coon & Associates attorney Louis Beary, on the difficulty of winning a toxic tort case if your lead plaintiff is a smoker (“Asbestos-Silica Suit Just Misses Trial”)

Whaddaya know � a judge who likes judging

‘There are so many judges today who act like they hate being judges. They are so unhappy and angered by arguments and lawyers and demand that lawyers all work things out by stipulation. She actually seems to like lawyers and like the law.’

� Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold partner Kevin Dunne on how Alameda County Judge Bonnie Sabraw differs from her peers (“Judicial Profile: Bonnie Sabraw”)