Our ongoing Hot Topic page rounds up the latest stories about efforts to improve diversity in the legal profession, plus the specific challenges and milestones of that journey.

Rivas, 30, said young lawyers in his generation � he graduated from law school in 2004 � have a new outlook on law, realizing that their clients will likely be large institutions whose reach extends well beyond the country’s borders. When those clients look for advice about Latin America, he wants to offer the practical experience of having worked there, he said.

Eraña said he particularly enjoys L.A.’s museums, such as The Huntington Library’s gardens and The Getty. And apart from structured finance, he’s also enjoyed his exposure to some other U.S. law firm customs. O’Melveny might not have leisurely lunches, but it does have a lush summer associate program � and Erñna has been invited along.

“We don’t have all the parties, lunches and all these events � that’s so different,” he said.