• 06-1210, General Electric v. Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (Supreme Court of New Hampshire)

    Whether New Hampshire’s business-profits tax regime facially discriminates against foreign commerce by providing a tax deduction for dividends received from foreign subsidiaries only to the extent that the foreign subsidiary conducts income-generating business in the state.

  • 06-1249, Wyeth v. Levine (Supreme Court of Vermont)

    Whether the prescription drug labeling judgments imposed on manufacturers by the Food and Drug Administration pre-empt state laws’ product liability claims premised on the theory that different labeling judgments are necessary to make drugs reasonably safe for use.

  • 06-1269, United States ex rel. Bly-Magee v. Premo (Ninth Circuit)

    Whether the bar, on hearing a qui tam action based on “the public disclosure of allegations or transactions . . . in a congressional, administrative, or [Government Accountability Office] report, hearing, audit, or investigation,” encompasses disclosures by state and local governments or refers to disclosures only by the federal government.