Recommendation 2: Standing Committee
Recommendation 3: Jury Selection Manual
Recommendation 4: Revisions to Standard Questions
Recommendation 5: Training Program for Judges
Recommendation 6: Training Program for Attorneys
Recommendation 7: Expansion of R. 1:8-3(f) Conference
Recommendation 8: Number of Challenges in Criminal Trials
Recommendation 9: Number of Challenges in Civil Trials
Recommendation 10: Revisions to R. 1:8-3(c)

V Conclusion


1. Model Voir Dire Questions, Criminal
2. Model Voir Dire Questions, Civil


A. Committee Charge in Memorandum from Judge Williams
B. Table Showing Peremptory Challenges in Other Jurisdictions
C. Solicitation for Attorney Comment (NJ Law Journal and NJ Lawyer)
D. Summary of Responses from Attorneys (not members of the Committee)
E. Solicitation for Comment by Association Representatives on the Committee
F. Copies of Committee Members’ Association Responses
G. Question to Presiding Judges re: Standard Voir Dire Practices
H. Summary of Responses from Presiding Judges
I. Voir Dire Survey Questionnaire to Criminal and Civil Trial Judges
J. Survey Responses from Criminal and Civil Trial Judges

1. Questions and Summary of Judges’ Responses
2. Categorization of Judges’ Comments to Question #25

K. Statistical Information

1. Table of Average Panel Sizes
2. Data on Time Required for Voir Dire
3. Information on Juror Dispositions at Voir Dire