Other corporate data security breaches that occurred this spring included:


  • Epsilon Data Management, which provides e-mail services to 2,500 companies, including Best Buy, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Walgreens, announced on April 1 that millions of customer names and e-mail addresses were exposed during a breach on March 30.


  • On May 4, craft retailer Michaels informed customers that their credit card and debit card information may have been compromised due to tampering with PIN pads in its Chicago-area stores. On May 11, Michaels announced it had discovered that the tampering had affected an expanded area that included 80 stores in 20 states. At press time, two class action lawsuits had been filed by Michaels customers.


  • Hackers obtained and leaked the e-mail addresses and passwords of nearly 300 Fox Broadcasting employees in early May. Hackers also accessed a database containing the personal information of 250,000 contestants auditioning for the network’s singing competition “The X Factor.”


  • U.K.-based computer and video game developer Eidos Interactive announced May 13 that hackers may have accessed 25,000 customer e-mail addresses and 350 resumés that job applicants had submitted to Eidos.


  • On June 9, Citigroup Inc. announced that hackers accessed more than 200,000 North American customers’ names, account numbers and contact information in early May.


  • Sega Corp., a Japanese video game maker, announced on June 19 that hackers stole personal information—including names, birthdates, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords—from 1.3 million customers in its database.