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The possibilities are endless on For example, our favorite law-related Etsy seller creates “commemorative plate sets” on themes such as Supreme Court justices, punitive damages, jurisprudence and seminal moments in the evolution of the interstate commerce clause. (Seriously: Below is a selection of some other lawyer-appropriate products.

Atticus Finch, take one

The ultimate lawyer-hero gets a makeover worthy of his last name.

Atticus Finch, take two

A Gregory Peck-inspired portrait.

Watch-movement cufflinks

For the fashionable IP lawyer.

Rod Blagojevich finger puppet

In the history of honest services fraud, has any man had more outrageous hair?

“We the People” Pillow

Constitutional lawyers, lay down your heads.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. portrait

A painting of the justice who viewed law from the perspective of the “bad man.”

Zebrawood iPhone case

Check your e-mail relentlessly and with style.

Handmade “attorney’s” briefcase

Briefcase of domestically tanned leather, inspired by a flea market-found briefcase from the 1960s.

“The Day Labourer” tote bag

Oversized and stylish bag to accommodate a bevy of files.

Tweed laptop sleeve

Tweed makes for a muted but unique computer carrier.