The first thing I do after I get up in the morning and kiss my son is grab my laptop and log onto the Internet. My first stop is work e-mail to check for any important overnight messages. Second stop, personal e-mail because my mom usually has at least one corny joke to forward to me every day. Third stop, Facebook because waking up to my friends’ complaints about insomnia and the need for coffee always make me chuckle. Then I skim the various news sites before hitting to see if the day will call for a raincoat or sunglasses and so I know how to navigate around any delays.

After I arrive at work and fire up the computer, I get right back online. I check e-mail, then I see what some of my favorite legal bloggers have to say and I read through several law firms’ noteworthy “legal update” sections. And I pretty much keep up all day in my browser.

When I get home at night, I’m likely to pop back on the Web once or twice to check e-mail, read an interesting article I had taken note of earlier in the day or briefly chat with my husband who may be working late.

Saying that the Internet has become a part of my everyday life would be an understatement. In fact, it would have been an understatement five–even 10–years ago. But as a journalist, I admit I have been slow to give InsideCounsel the Web presence it needs and deserves. However, that’s about to change.

Lately, the editorial team at InsideCounsel has been making an effort to bring up to a quality standard consistent with the magazine. Last year, we started a Twitter page–tweeting links to pertinent news stories daily. At press time, we had more than 700 followers. A few months ago, we started a Facebook fan page. And since February, we have been posting an online exclusive article to accompany each department piece we run in the magazine. That means we are offering information online for most of our articles in addition to what you read in the print version. And soon we will begin adding more regular news to our Web site.

Take a moment to visit, and if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, be sure to follow us. In the coming months, we plan to bring our Web site up to the high standard you’ve come to expect from the magazine.