When you strap on the Constellation Co-Axial Gents’ Chronometer, you can’t help but feel like a king–an urban, 21st-century king, anyway. The Constellation is a brand new release from Omega, the heavyweight Swiss watchmaker.

The watch face has no extra dials or stopwatch functions, except for a date counter. Omega’s sleek design works well in minimalist mode, even though the company has earned much fame for its sportier Speedmaster watches. Compared to the Speedmaster series, the Constellation is simpler and more elegant, more top-of-the-line practicality than bells and whistles. They’re both exceptional, but the Constellation makes even more of a fashion statement.

Unlike some other high-end watch models, the Constellation feels classy, but also modern and chic. It’s a watch for the modern business executive, an appropriate accessory for a board meeting or a baseball game.

The thick metal band’s heft is well balanced and appropriate for the luxury timepiece–not at all uncomfortable or burdensome. However, if you are looking for a small, nimble watch, the thick, 5.1-ounce Constellation is not the right choice.

Omega will release the Constellation at the end of the year, and it will retail for $5,500. With that price you get brushed stainless steel, a scratchproof face and Omega’s self-winding chronometer technology–which means the watch winds itself using the day-to-day motions of your hand. So you never need to worry about winding it or
replacing a battery.

For more information about ordering the Constellation, contact an Omega Boutique in New York at 212.207.3333 or visit Omegawatches.com.