In the world of legal department budget benchmarking reports, two are really best in class–Altman Weil’s Law Department Metrics Benchmarking Survey and Hildebrandt’s Law Department Survey. A typical Altman Weil survey participant is a midsize company with median worldwide revenues of $1.5 billion. Nearly 71 percent of the 144 responding companies employ fewer than 10,000 people, and 67 percent of the legal departments came in at 10 or fewer lawyers. Hildebrandt surveyed 202 companies on 2006 year-end data. The median Hildebrandt respondent is a large company with more than $10 billion in worldwide revenues, more than 20,000 worldwide employees and a U.S. law department with nearly 30 lawyers. Here, Inside?EUR?Counsel offers a snapshot glance of both surveys.

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