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Imagine a world where documents never had to be printed. Users could just go into the document management system, pull up a Word file and read it from their screens. And now think of the cost savings and the environmental benefits of such a program. Companies wouldn’t have to spend money on paper, and paper manufacturers would have to greatly reduce their output due to dwindling demand.

Alas such a world doesn’t exist, nor will it anytime soon. That’s because sometimes a digital copy just can’t rival a hardcopy. Whether you’re on the go or just prefer reading from paper rather than a screen, there are definite advantages to printing documents. But just because you’re printing paper doesn’t mean you still can’t be environmentally conscious. There’s software on the market that can help you and your company decrease the amount of wasted paper from printing.

GreenPrint Technologies offers a patent-pending technology that can intelligently detect when a page of a document is extraneous and will automatically withhold it from printing. For example, everyone has printed an item from the Web only to have the last printed page reveal merely a URL or a banner ad. GreenPrint’s software can automatically detect this and withhold this last page from printing.

Although it sounds like a minor benefit, reducing wasted paper over time can result in huge savings. On its Web site,, GreenPrint provides enterprises with a savings calculator, which estimates the savings a company can reap by using its product based on the number of employees. For example, according to the calculator, if a company has 1,000 employees, it can expect to save roughly $90,000 annually, reduce its paper output by nearly 1.5 million pages and save about 156 trees.