The company that made it possible to pause, repeat and slow down live TV won a $74 million jury verdict April 13 against Englewood, Colo.-based EchoStar Communications Corp. for infringing on its key patent.

The disputed patent relates to technology that allows TiVo subscribers to record one program while watching something different. Faced with the infringement suit, EchoStar sought to invalidate TiVo’s patent.

“TiVo is particularly gratified that the jury found that EchoStar willfully infringed on our patent,” a company press release said. “This decision will ensure that moving forward EchoStar and any others that want to use our patented technology will be required to provide us with compensation.”

TiVo currently holds more than 87 patents and has more than 138 patent applications pending.

The company plans to seek a permanent injunction against EchoStar’s DVR products.