Outspoken Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner and Nobel Laureate economist Gary Becker have a lot to say about a lot of things. This is why the vast and boundless expanse of the blogosphere is the perfect soapbox for these intellectual behemoths.

“The Becker-Posner Blog,” which the pair launched in December 2004, tackles the headlines with thorough and thoughtful prose on a weekly basis, covering topics from Google’s entrance into the Chinese market to the gasoline price spike.

The tone can be dry, but the duo has a knack for easy-to-follow, logical structure that makes reading and comprehension a breeze. Economic, legal and sociological schools of thought meet to provide refreshingly non-partisan viewpoints that focus on the gray areas rather than the black and white.

Also, the blog’s user comments provide for some of the most eloquent reader analysis on the Internet. Posner and Becker strive to address reader’s criticisms whenever possible.