As the Georgia Supreme Court cranked back into action this week, it agreed to review three decisions by the state Court of Appeals. The cases in which certiorari was granted on Monday include:

  • A lawsuit over a construction loan in which the appeals court divided over a Statute of Frauds question;
  • A criminal case in which a divided appeals court said police illegally stopped a man walking on elementary school grounds late at night; and
  • A worker’s compensation case in which an appeals court panel reversed a Fulton County judge’s ruling that a MARTA employee’s claim was barred by the statute of limitations.

The Supreme Court is expected to hear oral arguments in each of the cases in April.

Among the cases in which the Supreme Court denied cert on Monday was a case in which an appeals panel upheld a $4.3 million award in favor of staff attorneys in the Fulton County courts who had complained about salary disparities between them and attorneys in the county attorney’s office. The court also declined to review an appellate ruling that upheld the dismissal of a malpractice suit against the Atlanta law firm Smith, Gambrell & Russell on the ground that the case lay dormant in Fulton State Court for more than five years.