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As the Obama administration enters its final year, the status of Guantánamo detainees is still murky. Plus: six leading lawyers of the Guantánamo bar.

FINAL APPEAL: The Race to Close Guantánamo
A decade after lawyers gained access to the Guantánamo prison, the detainees’ legal status remains grim—and time is running out.


The Solo Practitioner: David Remes
A Covington partner went all in on detainee defense, at the cost of his partnership.

The Innovator: Jennifer Cowan
Winning release for detainees by focusing on new evidence, not constitutional argument.

The Point Man: J. Wells Dixon
An unexpected path from Kramer Levin associate to lead counsel for dozens of detainees.

The Pioneer: Thomas Wilner
Still in the fray, 13 years after filing one of the first Guantánamo-related suits.

The Public Defender: David Nevin
An Idaho lawyer faces off against the government in the biggest 9/11 prosecution yet.

The Diplomat: Lee Wolosky
The new envoy for Guantánamo closure faces a herculean coalition-building job.

The Firms: A country-by-country look at the law firms representing the main nationalities detained at Guantánamo.