It is that time of year — life without baseball and with rain gutters brimming full of leaves. At least the political attack commercials are finally in respite until spring primary season. Many of us have Thanksgiving on our minds, and for some lawyers, the pending holiday brings moaning and groaning instead of the intended counting of blessings and giving of thanks.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think about my Nana’s mashed potatoes and Arlo Guthrie’s anti-war anthem, “Alice’s Restaurant,” in four-part harmony, of course. Each Thanksgiving, my folks would count off the kids, pack up the station wagon and head over the river and through the woods to my Nana’s house. At some point in the day, often in the car ride, we could listen to the radio simulcast of Guthrie’s ballad and all sing along, in five-part disharmony.