In the summer of 2009, our Colorado-based law firm, Hoskin Farina & Kampf, began looking for a new document management system. We use an accounting, time-and-billing system from Oregon-based Legal Software Systems and at the time we used a DMS product from LSS, LSSDocs. We desired a more robust DMS product that integrated deeply with Microsoft Outlook. We also sought DMS software with greater flexibility regarding document rights management and security controls.

When we began our search, the firm looked at DMS offerings from ColumbiaSoft, Autonomy, and World Software Corporation. We eliminated ColumbiaSoft’s Document Locator early in the process because it did not appear to be designed for and widely marketed to the legal industry.The decision came down to iManage or Worldox. The firm I worked with prior to Hoskin Farina had been an iManage shop, before iManage was acquired by Autonomy. I was quite fond of the iManage DMS. Ultimately, however, we eliminated Autonomy’s offering because it was an expensive solution for our firm of approximately 35 users. Worldox offered similar features to iManage at a more affordable price and did not require a dedicated file server. For those reasons, we chose Worldox.