Hemry, Hemry & McDoniel has provided real estate, estate planning, and probate law for Oklahoma City, Okla., residents for more than 60 years. It’s a small but venerable firm with only three attorneys and four support staff members, none of whom is an IT professional. If it weren’t for the firm’s legal administrator, accountant, and self-described “computer nerd” Leslee Jaramillo, HH&M might still be relying solely on old-fashioned paper backups for all of its current and archived information.

“[The attorneys] figure if they lose stuff, they will recreate it. They weren’t very concerned because I have all of the history of the firm stored in my computer,” says Jaramillo. But after more than 15 years of using various methods — from 3 1/2-inch floppies to external hard drives — Jaramillo finally put her foot down and told the partners that the firm needed some sort of unified backup system that would ensure that everyone’s data is properly stored. Fortunately for HH&M, CoreVault, which is also based in Oklahoma City, provided the firm with an easy-to-use online data backup solution that Jaramillo believes can be used by anyone, including the firm’s 73-year-old partner who uses his PC only to check e-mail and play an occasional game of solitaire.