Editor’s Note

Life Still Begins at 40

Forty may be the new 30 in terms of the public health, but as a milestone in the career of the average lawyer, it hasn’t moved. Because most lawyers’ career cycles begin in their mid-20s, age 40 is still the point when an attorney has likely established himself or herself at a firm, has taken on management roles and has even made partner.

That’s why the achievements chronicled in our annual 40 Under 40 magazine are so impressive. Not only have these lawyers distinguished themselves in their practice areas; they have also become denizens of New Jersey practice, weaving their careers into the fabric of their professional and residential communities,

The 40 lawyers chosen — which is of course an arbitrary number — all have special attributes that shine out from the gray lines of a curriculum vitae. As in prior editions, we generally picked lawyers who have developed practice niches, demonstrated leadership potential by work in practice groups or committees and amassed a thick book of business and a solid record of trial, appellate or transactional work. We also looked for pro bono work and charitable, community and other volunteer activities.

The usual caveat: Many more lawyers were nominated for inclusion than the 40 selected, and we would have picked more if we could. But 40 is the number, and as such we had to make difficult choices. Many of the nominees passed over will certainly present themselves again next year, with even better qualifications.

But for now, the focus should be on the 40 high achievers featured on the following pages, whose careers — already redoubtable — have even brighter days ahead.

— Ronald J. Fleury, Editor in Chief


Sherri Affrunti

Alexander Anglim

Alka Bahal

Keith Barrack

Carlos Bollar

Jeremy Brown

DanaLynn Colao

Frank DeAngelis

Joseph DeBlasio

Elissa Glasband

Thomas Johnston

Henry Karwowski

David Kiefer

Randi Kochman

Daniel Korb Jr.

David Kwon

Kevin MacGillivray

Sean Mack

Jeffrey Mandell

Elizabeth Manzo

Lauri Mazzuchetti

William McCann

Mitzy Galis-Menendez

Christopher Michie

Chad Moore

Fruqan Mouzon

Christopher Nucifora

William O’Connor Jr.

Michael O’Mullan

Miguel Pozo

Thomas Regan

Geoffrey Rosamond

Kenneth Sharperson

Mark Sheridan

Cathy Shiels

Rachel Stark

Haekyoung Suh

Amanda Trigg

Frank J. Vespa-Papaleo

Lawrence Weiner