Speaking the Business Language: Translating Legal Lingo to Better Partner with Company Leadership



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Legal jargon can be a barrier to effective communication between legal teams and business leaders. To build successful partnerships and advance your legal career, it is important to be able to translate legal lingo into business language in a meaningful way for executive leadership.  And according to recent Axiom surveys, legal leaders are eager to become better partners with company leadership, with 33% of legal mission statements focused on being a good partner with leadership. 

Join this webcast and explore how to better communicate with company leadership by speaking their language. You will learn how to successfully collaborate, frame legal issues in a way that resonates with executives, and why aligning with business leaders can help progress your career. You will also: 

  • Understand the importance of speaking the language of business when working with company leadership
  • Learn strategies for translating legal concepts into business language
  • Identify key business objectives to frame legal issues effectively
  • Improve communication and build successful partnerships with company leadership


Kelly Sheehan | Moderator

Kelly Sheehan has a decade of experience working in the legal industry. Before joining Axiom, she spent 8 years working in the recruiting and professional development space and 3 years in the Business Development group at a Big Law firm in Chicago. She loves working alongside attorneys and has a strong passion for assisting folks in navigating their unique legal career paths. Kelly retired from her Big Law roots and joined Axiom in August 2022 as a Talent Partner based in the Chicago area. Outside of work, Kelly loves all things camping and hiking and once hitchhiked her way through Yellowstone National Park (and lived to tell the tale).

Laurel Burke

Laurel Burke is an in-house lawyer experienced across industries assessing and mitigating risk, building and maturing effective programs, conducting investigations, and providing practical advice that can be implemented. Passionate about helping people do the right thing, she enjoys sunny days outside, healthy cooking (and eating!), and exploring new places with family and friends.

Lior Saar

Lior Saar strives to have the best legal business and solve the most interesting, innovative and complicated legal issues. He currently serves as Deputy General Counsel, and as DPO by leading the Data Protection effort of the company together with an amazing team of worldwide professionals. In addition, Lior manages his company’s Product Counsel effort, where a number of super talented product counsels review the plethora of amazing products pre-production. Lior studied BioInformatics and Law, and loves combining different skillsets in order to make sure that his company’s solutions will be as out-of-the-box as they can be. After working at some of the most prominent Israeli law firms, Lior moved to this in-house counsel position at his current company and truly enjoys every minute of it.

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