Like something out of a Mary Shelley story, the legal institution has turned on the creator of “The World’s First Robot Lawyer,” who has been threated with jail time if he attempts to follow through on sending his creation to court. CEO Joshua Browder, who founded DoNotPay with a mission “to level the playing field and make legal information and self-help accessible to everyone,” has also announced that the company has discontinued all “non-consumer legal rights products.”

The DoNotPay Chatbot Court Fiasco

The backward side of DoNotPay’s position in the legal world started last month. In December 2022, OpenAI created unprecedented buzz with the release of chatbot ChatGPT, leaving many to start considering its potential uses in legal. It didn’t take long for Browder to ramp up the hype even more by announcing plans to have the company’s chatbot, powered by the GPT-3.5 model that underlays ChatGPT, represent an actual defendant in a New York traffic court case over a speeding ticket.