‘A LIFE OF SERVICE’ - Senior figures in the U.K. legal industry paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II following her death Thursday at the age of 96.  Speaking to Law.com International, Kathleen Harris, London managing partner at Arnold & Porter, said: “It is extremely sad. She led with dignity, pride, humility and resilience. She was simply an outstanding Head of State and role model.” “Every change brings its challenges”, she continued, “but all I hope is that as a nation we focus on improving the lives of all human beings and decrease negativity. I am sure King Charles will lead us well.” Kathleen Russ, senior partner of Travers Smith, said in a separate interview that the Queen’s “example will continue to inspire others in our community, across all walks of life, to embrace a life of service. That will be her greatest legacy.”


“Do not rely on others to set your boundaries, define your niche, or seek out opportunities for you. Great firms will provide opportunities and implement programs to help associate lawyers grow and learn, but stay in the driver’s seat of your development.”