IN TRUSS THEY DON’T TRUST - Liz Truss has been appointed as the next U.K. prime minister. And, as International’s Varsha Patel reports, the news has not exactly elicited cheers from the U.K.’s commercial legal industry. Asked what they thought of Truss’s appointment on Monday after she won the battle against Rishi Sunak for the top spot of Conservative Party Leader, a partner at a U.K. top 50 firm had some choice words: “Calamitous. Talentless, charmless, third rate, opportunistic and unscrupulous.” A London partner at a U.S. firm in London described Truss as a “dangerous ultra-right-wing reactionary” and is not hopeful for the impact on the country, while a second partner at a U.K. top 50 firm simply said: “It’s a disaster”. “She is inadequate to the task. The likelihood of a Labour government in 2024 has just gone up by a large percentage,” another respondent said.


“We believe that the reduction of student debt is a moral imperative for all leaders in higher education. A high-quality affordable education is essentially the greatest driver in the economic and social mobility of our society.”