BRINGING IT HOME  - As Shara Roy prepares to officially take over the top legal job at EY Canada, she says she’ll be expanding her team with more junior lawyers, and leveraging technology and processes to provide more and broader in-house legal services to the business. “We’re able to bring in the resources, the innovation, the thinking that the business has done and [use] that to help us provide them with better legal services,” she told International’s Gail J. Cohen. Roy, who has been in training for the position since January, takes over the chief legal counsel position from Doris Stamml, who has been at EY for 34 years and its top lawyer since 2008.  The biggest change Stamml said she has seen in her career is a shift in the general counsel’s role from being very transactional to a trusted adviser. She, and now Roy, are members of the firm’s seven-person executive committee, while other members of their legal group are part of leadership teams across the business. “That was really trailblazing in Canada at the Big Four for somebody in the general counsel’s role to then be part of the executive committee of the firm,” said Roy.


“Perjury is difficult to prove. But it is not necessary to prove it to realize that, sadly, Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are no longer fit to serve on the Supreme Court.”

— Scott Douglas Gerber, law professor at Ohio Northern University and associated scholar at Brown University’s Political Theory Project, arguing that both justices perjured themselves during their confirmation hearings when discussing whether they would overturn Roe v. Wade.