Revenue-Focused Leadership: Why Law Firms Need to Focus on Business of Law


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Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Time: 2pm EST | 11 am PST

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Today, law firm leaders must understand that the business of law is as important to growing the practice as how well the attorneys advocate for their clients. Law firm leaders, in turn, have a critical but often-neglected role in guiding their lawyers to grow revenue. This includes encouraging their attorneys to create a culture that focuses on generating revenue from new and existing clients. 

Law firms have ample data at their disposal, including financial data, but lack the ability to use modern tools such as business intelligence to help identify new and untapped sources of revenue. At the same time, technology advances such as machine learning and artificial intelligence help streamline processes and allow attorneys and staff to discover additional financial insights. Finally, business development training assists in focusing attorneys on growing revenue and contributing to the bottom line.

Join this webcast to hear key takeaways about how the business of law is changing the practice of law. You will learn:

  • How best to motivate lawyers to focus more time and energy on business development.
  • Why law firm leaders must create greater collaboration across various groups.
  • How legal leaders can effectively increase cross-selling, encourage higher levels of client service and how they can best drive consistent implementation.
  • How law firm leaders can take advantage of commercial technology solutions to increase profitability.
  • How law firms can use technology to accelerate cash flow, revenue and to drive automation and prediction in the business of law


Jason Schneiderman, Esq. | Firmwide Co-Chair Interactive Entertainment Practice | Perkins Coie

Tom Obermaier |CEO | SurePoint Technologies

Trevor Bell | Chief Customer Officer | Zero Cognitive Systems

with a special presentation by:

Gina Passarella | Editor-in-Chief | The American Lawyer

Moderated by:

David H. Freeman, J.D. | NLJ Hall of Fame Consultant and Author | David Freeman Consulting Group

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