PARED PARTNER CLASSES -  A trio of U.K. law firms has bucked this year’s trend of larger partner classes, promoting either the same sized or slightly reduced rounds compared to 2021,’s Hannah Walker reports. RPC, TLT and Browne Jacobson have all announced partner promotion cohorts for 2022.  TLT has elevated five of its lawyers to partnership, the same number as last year, bringing its total number of partners to 149. Three of those promoted were women, taking the firm’s overall representation of women in the partnership to 32%, according to a statement by the firm. In 2019, TLT committed to 33% of partners being women by 2025. RPC has appointed 10 of its lawyers to partner, flat from 2021’s round when the same number were also promoted. The firm now has a total of 123 partners. Women made up 50% of RPC’s round. Browne Jacobson has added six to its partnership, a reduced round on last year’s eight promoted. Half of the cohort are women, a dip on last year’s figure of 75%. The elevated lawyers equally span the firms Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham bases.


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