Welcome to Compliance Hot Spots, our weekly snapshot on white-collar, regulatory and compliance news and trends. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already had profound geopolitical consequences and the country’s spirited resistance has rallied much of the world. For white-collar and national security lawyers, new sanctions have led to lots of sleepless nights and frantic phone calls over the last week. Today, we’ll look at how they’re managing the crisis. Plus, President Joe Biden made a couple of announcements at last night’s State of the Union address with ramifications for DOJ’s enforcement regime. Are you attending the ABA’s white-collar conference in San Francisco this week? Drop me a line about how it’s going and what you’re hearing. Contact me at [email protected] and @AGoudsward on Twitter.

Moscow, St. Basil's Cathedral in Red square, Russia. Credit: TTstudio/Adobe Stock Moscow, St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red square, Russia. Credit: TTstudio/Adobe Stock

Russia Sanctions Set Off Scramble for National Security Lawyers

It’s been a frenzied week for lawyers specializing in sanctions and export control issues as Russia’s war on neighboring Ukraine has triggered a response unprecedented against an economy of Russia’s size.