OPEN HOUSE - As you may have heard, the legal industry talent war, particularly with regard to young talent, is more cutthroat than ever, as attorneys and legal professionals across industry sectors reassess their careers amid the pandemic and law firms continue upping the ante on salaries and bonuses. As we examine in the latest Trendspotter column, in-house legal departments don’t have seemingly limitless stockpiles of money to throw at potential hires and existing employees, but what they do have is a potential advantage over their law firm competitors when it comes to nearly everything else, including hands-on experience, personally fulfilling and professionally challenging work and, yes, maybe even something resembling work-life balance. I’m interested to hear from you: What should in-house legal departments be doing to fight against the Great Resignation and to compete with law firms for top talent? Let me know at [email protected].

BOIES IS BACK IN TOWN - David Boies is set to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court today for the first time in nearly a decade. As’s Marcia Coyle reports, Boies, a name partner at Boies Schiller Flexner, is part of a team led by partners Stephen Zack and Scott Gant, who have spent countless hours and millions of dollars in the case, Cassirer v. Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation. The firm represents the family seeking return of a Pissarro painting stolen by the Nazis and now owned by Spain. The justices will decide a choice-of-law question in this long-running legal fight: Spanish law or California law. The case was initially brought to Zack, who then received Boies’ blessing and assistance in pursuing it on a contingency basis. When asked if he wouldn’t like to be arguing next week instead of Boies, Zack told Coyle, “Any lawyer has to answer ‘yes’ to that. Of course, I would love to try it before the Supreme Court. I still believe David Boies is one the greatest lawyers of our generation. After 20 years and being his dear friend, I’ve watched him argue and I believe he is the right person to argue this case.”