In this interview with Nicole White, the incoming chief legal officer of Avison Young (January 2022), we discuss the value of mentorship and how to propel your legal career to the next level. Nicole shares her “aha” moment about how she had to make a big change to grow her career.

The key takeaways in this video:

  • Tips and advice to leaders in law and CRE about how to create room/space for your gifts and talents to grow.
  • What happens when your ambitions are challenged by other people’s perceptions and the problems of having to constantly prove yourself and your value.
  • Advice to young professionals in commercial real estate.
  • Why networking is considered self-serving and building relationships is the way to make lasting connections.
  • Develop a few mentor relationships with people that don’t look like you.
  • Nicole’s message to rising stars: Even if you have been invited to the executive room and have a place at the table, what’s most important is to find someone who can also speak your name and advocate for you when you are NOT in the room.

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