Victim blaming is what really incensed the jury that awarded $44 million to a hotel guest who alleged she was raped after Hilton employees put her in the wrong room, according to the winning lawyer.

Security video entered into evidence showed an unconscious woman being taken in a wheelchair into the room of a man who told police and hotel security officials, “She’s with me.” The man and woman were co-workers who had been drinking with other colleagues at a business conference that night in March 2017, according to the complaint. Earlier, another woman passing by had called 911 to report seeing the same man with his belt unbuckled and his pants unzipped on top of the same unconscious woman lying on the sidewalk just outside the Hilton Americas-Houston Hotel in downtown Houston. When police and hotel security officers arrived, they took her to his room, never checking her identification that was in her purse—which he was holding—to see that she had her own room, Ed Blizzard of Blizzard Law told on Wednesday.