So you finally accepted that eating out or ordering Uber Eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner makes it nearly impossible to reach your fitness and health goals? Bagels and breakfast burritos (or no breakfast at all), quick serve sandwiches and salads near the office and takeout (or worse happy hour treats) are killing your waistline and your wallet? Congrats. Acceptance is the first step. The next step is getting onboard with meal prepping and it doesn’t have to be as complicated or laborious as you think.

I absolutely LOVE this piece “How to Prepare 16 Healthy Meals in 40-Minutes” from the folks at BuiltLean. It’s a fantastic guide, complete with shopping lists, photos and recipes that you can customize to your tastes and goals. But for some folks even this is too much to tackle right away. And maybe you don’t want to deal with meal delivery services (for a variety of reasons like cost, impact on the environment or maybe you actually like the idea of preparing your own food). No worries. Here’s a way to start eating healthier for those of you who just hate cooking or just don’t know how to.