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THOUGHT BUBBLE - Through the magic of the internet, anyone can be a recording artist, a published novelist, a filmmaker or even, apparently, a legal industry “thought leader.” The trouble is: with so many leaders, it can be incredibly hard to follow. As Law.com’s Dan Packel reports, a recent analysis of Am Law 200 firms by U.K.-based marketing tech firm Passle found that, collectively, these firms generated more than 70,000 pieces of online insight in 2020. That makes some sense, of course, given how desperate clients were for guidance at the start of the pandemic. At some point, however, that initial rush of insight and practical advice seems to have degraded into a largely unhelpful infodump. “To throw a bunch of content out there and see what sticks is not what I would call a sound marketing strategy,” said Guy Alvarez, the founder and chief engagement officer of digital marketing firm Good2BSocial. So, what would a better approach look like? Alvarez said the key is to put oneself in the shoes of the client, or the prospect, to figure out their biggest needs. Pritchard, meanwhile, advised looking for a unique, but useful, angle. Existing and prospective clients “want content that keys them into parts of the situation they might not have thought of,” she said. “You don’t have to be first in the inbox. Clients will look past the flurry of emails to ones they want to read.”