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MORE EVERYTHING! - You know those people who say, “I love my job—it’s something different every day!”? Do you think any of them have been GCs during the pandemic? Here’s hoping at least some law department leaders have a taste for the unpredictable because their roles over the past 18 months have been anything but dull. And, as Law.com’s Heather Nevitt writes in this week’s Law.com Barometer newsletter, their duties have morphed once again thanks to the emergence of the Delta variant. “Part of the reason is that chief legal officers are often looked to as the ethical point person and ‘moral compass’ of the company (although many of those same CLOs are quick to point out that it takes a C-suite village to create a truly ethical corporate culture),” Nevitt writes. “Well, there isn’t a better storm to put that to the test when you combine the decisions around the implementation of vaccine policies, hybrid work, employee safety and health-related data protection.” To receive the Law.com Barometer directly to your inbox each week, click here.