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WILD PITCHES - Some legal ops professionals say they’ve noticed legal tech sales people becoming pushier and more tone-deaf over the course of the last year—and they don’t like what they see, Law.com’s Frank Ready reports. But c’mon, how bad could it really be? “It’s going to come to a point where I feel that there’s going to be a group of [corporate legal department] clients that are basically going to be an advisory panel that is just basically going to say, ‘If you do not stop, we are going to blacklist you. And that’s it. We’re done,’” said Jack Thompson, assistant director, legal chief operations office at Sanofi. Yeah, OK, that’s bad. James Michalowicz, senior manager, legal operations business performance at TE Connectivity, said he’s also noticed pitches becoming “much more aggressive” recently. “Not only aggressive,” Michalowicz added, “but sometimes they are demeaning. To the point where they say, ‘Well if you’re the person who isn’t responsible for this area, send me to the person who really does know something.’ That’s how it comes across. And I find that offensive.”