To make it to the top of the A-List, The American Lawyer’s ranking of the most well-rounded firms in the Am Law 200, requires consistent reevaluation. For the firms on the outside looking in, that could be an important part of making next year’s list. Below, we identify the 20 firms knocking at the door of this year’s A-List—the firms most likely to be able to stake their claim next year.


The A-List recognizes firms based on a combination of factors, both financial and cultural: revenue per lawyer, pro bono commitment, associate satisfaction, racial diversity and gender diversity (the percentage of equity partners who are women), with RPL and pro bono given double weight. Each metric measures Am Law 200 firms’ relative performance—a firm’s score in a given category is based on its ranking among all 200 firms. Each category, as well as the overall score, is based on a 100-point scale.