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STAYING HOME - Someday, when we’re all working for our alien overlords using drone technology to mine uranium on distant planets, we’ll look back and laugh at the whole “office vs. remote” debate. But today is not that day. As Law.com’s Rhys Dipshan writes in this week’s Law.com Barometer newsletter, there’s little consensus—and a fair share of heated disagreements—regarding whether the legal industry could and, perhaps more importantly, should continue with remote work flexibility post-pandemic. The past year has gone surprisingly smoothly in terms of remaining productive outside the traditional office, especially given how rapidly the transformation was forced to occur. But maintaining that level of productivity in the long run, while also paying attention to things like professional development, client service and corporate culture in a remote setting is going to require a more complicated calculus. As Dipshan writes: “Going remote was the easy part. Learning to live with it is another story.” To receive the Law.com Barometer directly to your inbox each week, click here.