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SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED -  Big Law attorneys are more fearful of a COVID-19 infection than attorneys at small firms, as large firms grapple with returning their attorneys to the office full time, the COVID-19 Delta variant and the profound popularity of remote work, Law.com’s Dylan Jackson reports. Ru Bhatt, a partner in the associate practice group at Major, Lindsey & Africa, said lagging vaccination numbers and rise of the new Delta variant have caused safety concerns to flare up again. Other recruiters have noticed the same. “I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that they do have safety concerns because of the number of people who aren’t vaccinated,” Bhatt said, adding that concerns about Delta variant have led to “reluctance to go back into the office and, especially, travel again.” Alex Su, an attorney influencer and former Sullivan & Cromwell associate, said he has been taking greater precautions such as wearing his mask more often outside of his house in the past few weeks. He added that he has “heard rumblings” that many firms are now considering pushing back their office return plans. “I was feeling very comfortable and heard about this Delta variant and started putting my mask back on in certain places,” Su said.