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BE THERE OR BE SQUARE? - Morgan Stanley CLO Eric Grossman’s letter attempting to push the company’s outside counsel back to the office full-time has led to spirited debate across the legal industry. You can have three guesses as to which side of that argument virtual law firms fall on. Still, while their perspective on this topic may be predictable, it’s also important. After all, they serve their clients while working outside of a traditional office every single day. In fact, some of these firms have done—and, at least in the case of Rimon Law, are currently doing—work for Morgan Stanley, despite not being able to boast a communal refrigerator full of old salads. Chris Wilson, a partner at hybrid firm Taylor English Duma, told Law.com’s Dan Packel that he did work for Morgan Stanley when he was a partner at virtual firm FisherBroyles.”I did a fair amount of work for them,” Wilson said. “This is the first time I’ve ever heard of any clients publicly stating that they care where their attorneys are working from.” Wilson added: “I understand [Grossman's] concern about making sure his lawyers are well trained, but I don’t think that there ought to be a blanket statement that none of the lawyers at law firms should be working remotely.”