The only “wrong way” to becoming “healthier” is the one that doesn’t work. For instance, I can design a client the perfect training program that includes correctives for mobility issues, target heart rate cardio for maximum fat loss and the most strategic lifts for strength and muscle growth. But if the client doesn’t do it then it won’t work.

In my early days as a trainer at Equinox I had a manager once say “what you do is one part science, one part psychology and one part magic.” I’d add “sparkle” to that list, but I digress. Psychology is a huge part of wellness especially with proper nutrition. Some people simply don’t know or understand the science of what and how to eat. That’s easy to correct and can be fixed in a basic nutrition coaching session. But if knowing what and how to eat healthy were all it took more folks would be healthy. So finding the right tools for translating that knowledge into action is the secret and what keeps many folks floundering.