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SKYROCKETING SCOTUS BONUS - If you’re in need of some fast cash, might we suggest becoming a U.S. Supreme Court clerk and then joining an elite law firm? As Law.com’s Bruce Love reports, law firms’ lucrative signing bonuses for SCOTUS clerks may rise again this year, with some law firm leaders and others anticipating a bump up to $450,000. Yes, that’s $1,000 times 450. With Am Law 200 firms enacting salary scale increases, special bonuses as well as signing bonuses for lateral associates, Supreme Court clerks will be joining law firms when competition for top talent is fierce. Firms are keenly aware of the need to keep their associates happy, lest they move elsewhere. The last two years, the signing bonus former SCOTUS clerks received on entering a firm has stayed steady at $400,000. They also usually receive $15,000 more in salary after clerking at the high court. But leaders of several appellate practices at law firms, former SCOTUS clerks and recruiters said that while salaries might stay steady, the bonus is likely to jump this year.