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BACK TO BACKLOGS - The good news is in-person jury trials and other proceedings are starting back up in courts across the country. The bad news? After more than a year of severely hampered court operations, unprecedented backlogs await many of them on both the civil and criminal sides. Meanwhile, a wave of new filings is set to crash down as well, creating a mass of cases that could take years to chip away at. In this week’s Law.com Trendspotter column, we look at how these clogged dockets are impacting judges, court administrators, litigators and their clients. I’m interested to hear from you. If you’re a judge or court administrator, what are you doing to address backlogs and the coming influx of new matters into your courts? If you’re a litigator, how has the sluggish pace of cases impacted you and your clients over the past year? Let me know at [email protected].