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LAWYERING FROM YOUR LIVING ROOM - As the legal industry found out the hard way over the past year, you can accomplish a lot from the comfort of your own home. Of course, working out of your house, especially if you have a young kids, is not always all that comfortable. And that’s just one of the challenges the industry is facing as it comes to grips with the fact that remote work is never going away. To examine those hurdles—as well the many opportunities—posed by the remote work revolution, Law.com today is introducing Lawyering From Your Living Room, an ongoing project curating the best coverage from across our newsroom on the ways in which remote work is permanently changing how law firms, courts, legal departments, law schools, bar examiners and legal tech companies do business. A team of Law.com editors and reporters also provides analyses of the positive and negative aspects of remote work that are likely to stick long after the pandemic is over. It’s your guide to a future in which work is a thing you do, not necessarily a place you go to.