The Virtual Law Firm: Stay Connected to Your Clients from Anywhere


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Thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever to stay connected from anywhere through a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system. But how exactly does a virtual business phone solution work? And how do you know if a virtual solution is the right choice for your firm?

This webcast will provide an overview of how a VoIP system works and the kinds of flexibility it provides. Join this webcast for a better understanding of the technology that can help you save money and work more efficiently in the future. Also learn:

  • What a VoIP phone system is
  • How a VoIP system makes remote working more accessible
  • Why people are switching to VoIP over other business phone solutions
  • How a VoIP phone system can save you money and time 

Paul Green

Seasoned business consultant with over 21 years of experience in helping businesses tone down the noise. My mission is to enable my partners to stay as connected as they need to be to their customers, shareholders and employees! My careers in both telecommunications and database management, has positioned me well to craft very specific solutions that make communications an asset instead of an expense.

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