I have personally used the following trackers/apps at various stages of my fitness journey as have many of my busy, driven lawyer clients both pre- and during the pandemic. They all track specific data across movement, nutrition, recovery and body composition and present the data in ways that inspire action/change. No tracker is perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist. But they are pretty darn good and that’s better than guessing. I often joke that I wish they would all merge so we could have one mega tracker that did it all (MY PRECIOUS!). And yes, I have been known to sometimes wear two at the same time because, frankly, I’m a crazy person.

And before the Apple Watch people crucify me, no, I don’t include it in this list. In my personal and professional experience, the Apple Watch is a beautifully designed timepiece that tracks some solid health stats. It certainly wins in the design/looks department. I’m not dissing the Apple Watch. If you have, use and LOVE your Apple Watch keep rocking it! I know many people and have several clients who use and love theirs. But if you have one and it’s not inspiring the right change in you or you are on the market for something different then this list is for you.