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REVENGE OF THE ASSOCIATES - As we’ve mentioned plenty of times before in this space, 2020 put associates through the wringer, as many of them endured pay cuts while partners bogarted their work and their professional development stagnated. But when things start looking up again, they aren’t likely to forget how they were treated by their firms when the going got tough. And, as Law.com’s Dylan Jackson reports, law firm leaders are now bracing for the backlash that could come once the pandemic begins to subside, more opportunities start to open up and associates once again feel like they can take control of their professional lives. “People are rethinking their priorities,” McGuireWoods managing partner Tracy Walker said. “There’s probably a lot of built-up angst. Once that pressure is relieved with a light at the end of the tunnel, as we get into the middle of [2021], I think a lot of associates will think, ‘What should I do for my career?’”