Lawyers have an ethical obligation not to lie to courts. Lawyers have to make arguments in good faith, and assert only facts they believe to be true. Lawyers are also ethically barred from filing cases they know are meritless. Rudolph Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s attorney, and Attorney General William Barr seem to think that those rules don’t apply to them.

Since the pandemic began and states took measures to protect voters by expanding voting by mail, Trump has been arguing that voting by mail is fraud. Having lost the election, he has only amplified his claims that the election was stolen from him and that massive voter fraud occurred.  How else can he explain his loss by millions of votes?  Trump’s lawyers have filed dozens of lawsuits, trying to overturn the election. Almost all claims have been dismissed as baseless.  Even though he has finally allowed the transition of power to officially begin, Trump has still not conceded, and his lawyers soldier on, challenging election results.