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CALIFORNIA LOVE - Not even a global pandemic can distract from Big Law’s Red Hot Chili Peppers-level fixation on the Golden State. As Dan Packel reports, several elite global firms are pushing ahead with long-held plans to move into Northern California, while a number of other large firms are seizing on coronavirus-created opportunities in the state. “At the very beginning of COVID-19, I thought this would be very different from anything I’ve seen in 30 years. I thought the brakes would be put on everything, but it’s been the opposite,” San Francisco-based recruiter Avis Caravello tells Packel. “The activity now has been more robust than during the dotcom downturn, and the 2008 crash. Some firms have retreated, but the firms that are healthy enough and see beyond the horizon of the next two years know this is an optimal time to grow in a market where it’s very difficult to capture top talent.”