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BAR BASHES BARR - The resignation of SDNY U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman on Saturday afternoon capped a 24-hour period that went a little something like this: AG William Barr announces Berman is resigning; Berman responds that, actually, no he’s not; Barr says that, actually, President Trump fired Berman; Trump responds that, actually, he had nothing to do with it. Oh, and just as an aside, Berman’s office had been reportedly overseeing a number of investigations of figures in Trump’s orbit. As it turns out, not everyone in the national legal community found this sequence of events to be particularly comforting. Nate Robson and Mike Scarcella rounded up a number of comments by observers over the weekend, the overarching sentiment of which was summed up succinctly by former FBI director James Comey: “Something stinks.