The Benefits of Early Mediation - The Path Least Taken Requires Commitment


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The benefits of a successful early mediation are obvious: disputes can be resolved in a private, expeditious and economical fashion. It gives you the chance to resolve the case early, saving your client or business money in defense costs. Plus, the result of a happy client is a returning client, and a client that gives a referral. 

This webcast will explore the benefits of successful early mediation, and the means by which parties can jointly take a leap of faith and work towards an effective pre-suit or pre-discovery resolution of their dispute. Gain insights into the emerging trend of early mediation, as well as an understanding of how to define pre-mediation protocol. Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of early mediation
  • Best practices in selecting a mediator
  • Business vs. litigious approaches to dispute resolution
  • What to expect in an early mediation
  • Who should attend the mediation

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James W. Borkowski, Esq. | Hearing Officer | NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation)

James W. Borkowski’s distinguished career spans more than 30 years with a practice focused primarily on litigation at the trial and appellate levels in both the state and federal court systems. He has successfully represented insurance carriers, corporations and individuals in personal injury, construction, litigation, general liability, premises liability, property damage, automobile and commercial litigation (both plaintiff and defendant). Mr. Borkowski is well-known within the New York Metro area legal community, having served as lead trial counsel for hundreds of cases in nearly every county, and in all five boroughs of New York City. As a litigator, he developed an affinity towards alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) and counseled his broad clientele to consider this mechanism as a means towards finalizing time-consuming and costly litigation. (read more here)



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