Christian George, president of the Florida Bar’s Young Lawyers Division, on dealing with “compassion fatigue,” in which lawyers feel alienated and anxious as their clients’ powerlessness transfer to them.
Alessandro Galtieri, deputy general counsel of Colt Technology Services, on the EU’S uncharacteristically broad language in its decision that gives it flexibility in bringing new sanctions against cyberattackers.
Megan Carpenter, dean at the University of New Hampshire Law School, who announced this week that the institution now will be known as the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law. The university acquired Franklin Pierce School of Law in 2010.
Christopher Iacono, Penn Law grad who worked full-time as a cop during law school, whose decision not to attend a part-time J.D. program at Temple was influenced by the U.S. News & World Report law school rankings.
David Sanford, a lawyer representing women partners in lawsuits against several major law firms, on how some men running those firms are reacting to gender bias suits.


Law school rankings (or any rankings, really) are sure to draw scorn. In one of the week’s most memorable quotes, a cop says the U.S News & World Report law school rankings played a role in his busting his backside to become a lawyer. Speaking of stress, another quote from the legal news delves into the emotional toll some cases can take on lawyers. For these and more quotes, click through the slideshow above.