Man sneaks a look at a woman's laptop computer screen. “You got the horse right here?”

Welcome to the Ex Post Facto news quiz for the weekend of the Kentucky Derby.

The annual Run for the Roses severely tested the Ex Post Facto team because, to be be candid, we know next to nothing about horse racing or its relationship to the law. Yet our research dug up some nifty facts showing law—or at least legal language—all over the track at Churchill Downs.

As for last week, congratulations, as 88% of you know your civil rights law. More specifically, the question from last week’s quiz you found easiest asked what law was at issue in a new Supreme Court case over employment discrimination against LGBT workers. The answer: Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Last week’s stumper asked which of these law schools—Harvard, Columbia, Liberty or Texas—is not in the top four schools for bar pass rate. A whopping 44% guessed Liberty was the outlier—but it was Texas (28%).

As for this week, enjoy, because we doubt we’ll have legal questions for the Preakness Stakes or Belmont Stakes.